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  Hansoo Black Belt 2010

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Pattaya Taekwondo

  Pattaya Taekwondo Hansoo

  Pattaya Universal Hansoo Taekwondo Co.,Ltd.

-Pattaya Hansoo  tai BigC Club.

-Pattaya - Hansoo sriracha Club.

-Pattaya  Hansoo Akson Teprasit School.

-Pattaya Hansoo Akson  soi Kopai School.

-Pattaya Hansoo Akson Banglamung school.

-Pattaya Hansoo Phoenix International School.

-Pattaya Hansoo lompo Srisuwit School.  

-Pattaya  Hansoo Satehip Club

-Pattaya Hansoo Satehip School.

-Pattaya Hansoo Kantarat School.

-Pattaya Hansoo Gouvernment School.

 Pattaya Hansoo is the largest organization of Taekwondo in Pattaya and

Chonburi Province

All teachers are graduates of Kukkiwon-The World Taekwondo


I invite you to visit our Training Center has BigC pattaya tai front of the parking lot.

Hours Tuesday-Thursday-Friday: 17:30-19:00 - Saturday-Sunday: 12:00-15:00

  National tournament in Bangkok

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The real champion of Thailand

Alexandre and Benjamin Berrie made a point of no fault 10-point lead on every fight amazing precision, the COACH master Jean Pierre Berrie is proud to see that work every day is positive. next competition will be held in Singapore  Benjamin Berrie,Clement Goubet, Jean-Pierre Berrie is already in preparation for two months of workouts will be very powerful in their best shape for the next stage four days of fighting

  Federation of India at Pattaya

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  National team  kickboxing of India

 Thank for training with Master Jean-Pierre Berrie  at Universal Hansoo Taekwondo

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Thank You

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Master Jean-Pierre demonstrates how to escape a difficult situation

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Master Jean-Pierre with Colonel of Police sathehip
Gift after training
30 officers of the police to participate in the training
self defense  (gun, knife, st

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                                      LE GROUPE U.H.TAEKWONDO


       LA   FORCE                                  L'EQUILIBRE

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        LA SOUPLESSE                           LA DETENTE

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                                     LA TECHNIQUE

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Les 5 anneaux olympiques sur fond blanc sont probablement le symbole olympique le plus connu.
Les anneaux entrelacés symboliset l’universalité de l’Olympisme. Ils sont au nombre de 5 car ils symbolisent les 5 continents.
Ils sont entrelacés, pour indiquer la rencontre des athlètes du monde entier au moment des Jeux Olympiques.

Au moins une des 6 couleurs du drapeau olympique, la couleur des 5 anneaux et le fond blanc, se retrouve dans les drapeaux des nations du monde, il renforce ainsi l’idée d’universalité du Mouvement olympique. Il est d’ailleurs faux de croire que chaque couleur symbolise un continent.

Pierre de Coubertin, le père des Jeux Olympiques modernes.

The 5 Olympic rings on a white background are the Olympic symbol probably the best known.
The rings symboliset the universality of Olympism. They are 5 because they symbolize the 5 continents.
They are intertwined, to indicate the meeting of athletes from all over the world during the Olympics.
At least one of 6 colours of the Olympic flag, the color of 5 rings and the white background, is found in the flags of the nations of the world, it reinforces the idea of universality of the Olympic Movement. It is wrong to believe that each color symbolizes a continent.
Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympic Games.

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